HF (Heatform) insulated eco friendly Sport Pools.

CRF Swimming Pools are proud distributors & installers for home HF Sport Fitness Pools . These UK make pools installed in conjunction with the Endless Fast lane

make the perfect match. We can offer hydrotherapy, aqua-aerobics and family fun in a compact sized pool that can be installed virtually anywhere.


The Unique HF Sport Fitness Pools are made from recycled plastic bottles.


Why Choose a Heatform (HF) Pool?

HF Pools provide a year round exercise option from the comfort and convenience of your home. They have the ability to challenge world class athletes with the powerful Fastlane swim current generator, or provide a low impact exercise option for rehabilitation or for those suffering from joint disorders.


Where to Install Your HF Pool

With a wide range of sizes and depths, we can fit these pools in a fraction of the space required for traditional pools, including garages, basements, on decks, in the garden or housed in a purpose-built chalet or outbuilding. The water filtration system makes them virtually odour free and maintenance is minimal. 

We can also fit the Fastlane swim current generator as a separate unit to new or existing pools, offering adjustable currents for swimmers of all abilities.

How Much Will it Cost?

The HEATFORM Fastlane Pool  will cost from £18,300 ex VAT plus installation.


There are many upgrades and options available including security covers, steps and hand rails, hydrotherapy jets, underwater lights. 

Lighthouse Pools Exercise Promo v2 from ALTITUDE™ on Vimeo.

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