Swimming Pool Design

At CRF Swimming Pools, we design and build bespoke pools for our customers. No two pools are the same.  With over 30 years experience, we use only top quality components to ensure your pool is of the highest standard.

When designing your pool, these are some of the questions we will ask:


Outdoor or indoor, will it be a raised pool or inground design?

Size and Shape

Round, kidney shape or L-shaped pool? Nearly anything is possible.


Whether you are thinking of an ancient Roman theme or modern gym room, we have a huge range of tile designs and pool liners to help you create your perfect environment.

Pool Heating and Filtration

Selecting the correct heating system is essential.  Our highly trained team will ensure the system meets your specifications.

Pool Equipment

Will you require pool covers, lighting, fencing, hot tubs, steps or a lift? We will help you plan all the elements of your design.


Make an appointment by calling 01829 781379 and we will take you through the design process before preparing a quote.